Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Retreat

Twice or sometimes thrice a year, we go out in a retreat together with the rest of our community. This is a special time because we get to do something that we consider as a very important part of our life which is to spend time with the Lord...without any interruptions and distractions. I will not have any access to any electronics all throughout our retreat. Because of this, I will be putting a bit of a break with my 30-day blog challenge for the next 3 days and will resume on Monday. Monday will be considered day 1 for the 30-day challenge and I will come back revitalized and with more stories to tell. So, goodbye for the meantime and talk with you on Monday!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

We Walked with Francis

We walked with Francis on the September 23 and the hubby was fortunate also to be with him together with the rest of the families from around the U.S. and the world for the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia.
This was a big deal for me because Pope Francis was the first pope that I have ever seen in person. I passed on the opportunity to see Pope John Paul II in the Philippines during the World Youth Day which happened when I was in college and I will forever regret it. To see the vicar of Christ and to personally hear his message of hope and encouragement for all of us, both Catholics and non-Catholics alike, is truly a blessing.
I have to admit though that going to the canonization mass in the Basilica was a feat. I am not sure if this is something that I want to do over again but to see Pope Francis in person and to also listen to him makes all the pain of walking, waiting and standing in line for more than 5 hours is worth it.   
Given the opportunity, we will walk with Francis again!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Movie Night: Mad Max Fury Road (What a lovely day!)

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The hubby is currently on a fall break and I am very happy for that for a number of reasons such as:
1. We both get to sleep more. 2. We have a lot more time to spend together to do errands and other stuff like dates and 3. He gets to relax and we can have a lazy Sunday evening. Note that a lazy Sunday evening = movie marathon c/o redbox but in my case, just a movie; because my limit is just one and if forced well, you just have to wake me up after because I have this tendency to just sleep through it.

Last night, we watched Mad Max which stars Charlize Theron, Tom Hardy, Nicholas Hoult among others. It felt like a continuation of the original Mad Max movies starring Mel Gibson.

What I like About the Movie:
1. the setting of the movie - a desert with violent storms complete with massive tornadoes that only the tough can withstand.
2. the story line I think was very clear. Even if I have not seen the original movies, I would still understand the plot.
3. girl power - the women here were not damsels in distress, they were very strong and they are survivors. I love Furiosa (Charlize) because she is intelligent, strong and rocks with one arm which reminds me of someone (shoutout to my dear Kat Tan - she is for me the original Furiosa).
4. there's an end to tyranny - that the good does prevail and bad things do happen to extremely bad people
5. Max's humility - how the main character allowed the women to shine and redemption was more than enough for him
6. the shift in Nicholas Hoult's character was great - the realization that there are people worth dying for as opposed to the tyrant/overlord
7. the chase scenes are on point and are quite remarkable. I love that they used not just cars and trucks but bikes as well and that they were not just fighting with each other but they were also fighting the elements
8. the tyrant's entourage was complete with an electric guitar playing killer and drum playing warriors