Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time For Some Changes

I believe that in order for one to achieve some progress, changes have to be made. I started writing this blog to document my experiences as a wife who aimed to be different and to be better. The problem was I find it hard to write everything because there were times when so much is happening and I don't know exactly what to write. There also were times when nothing is happening and I have nothing to write. I do not want to abandon this blog the way I have abandoned my past blogs, so I decided to do the following:

1. Create 2 other blogs that are very specific namely:
a. - my blog for all of my food and cooking adventures
b. - my weightloss/journey to a healthier lifestyle blog

2. Use this blog for
a. remembering the people who touched my life
b. the 47 books I have aimed to read for this year - I featured 3 already (Hunger Games Trilogy)
c. documenting the trips I had with my sweet hubby
d. my Friday movie nights
e. my opinions, views, dreams and aspirations

So how do I describe my blog now: Not a plain housewife is a glimpse of my day to day adventures through books, movies, on the road and the people who shared this life journey with me.

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Hunger Games Trilogy

It all started with my husband's school activity.

He is not the type who likes to read so he asked me to check The Hunger Games out and see if it was a good read. I was hooked...


1. I'm happy that the main girl (Katniss) is not a softie but one tough cookie who loves her family so much.

2. The game consists of several twists and dilemma. It makes the read so exciting.

3. The story managed to include a romantic side of Katniss and Peeta without being too cheesy.

4. Hope was never lost in each of the novels.


1. I feel bad that Prim died...I wish she stayed alive up to the end.

2. I really don't like the gloomy post apocalyptic setting.

Among the three novels, I like Mockingjay best. I think it was more detailed because it provided better descriptions of all the districts and it's the most action-packed!

I hope the movie won't stray too far from the novel.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Almost 33

Now that I'm almost 33, I realize that....

  1. I am truly lucky to have the most wonderful husband a woman could ever ask for

  2. I wish my mom and sisters are here

  3. I miss my Dad who passed away 2 years ago

  4. teaching will always be my first love

  5. there is a big possibility that I may never have kids of my own and I've learned to accept it

  6. cooking from the heart will always satisfy a hungry tummy

  7. hugs and kisses will cure anything

  8. I can be mean, difficult and irrational sometimes

  9. pretentious I am not

  10. problems often or if not, always involves money

  11. "absence makes the heart grow fonder"

  12. food taste best if shared with someone

  13. movie dates are done better in the comforts of our home

  14. all pets love unconditionally and some people do too

  15. it's hard to make oneself holy

  16. losing weight is a lifestyle change

  17. couponing can save you oodles of money

  18. making friends are easier than keeping them

  19. it's hard to stop oneself from saying "I told you so"

  20. walking is a good way of clearing one's head, washing the dishes too

  21. no 2 queens can occupy the same thrones at the same time

  22. it's better to give than to receive

  23. insecurities and lack of self esteem will never be cured by anything "new"

  24. familiarity breeds contempt so it's wise to choose who you want to be familiar with

  25. happiness is a choice and a by-product

  26. blessings abound all around us, we just need to acknowledge it

  27. being childless will not make me less of a woman

  28. tragedy brings families and friends together

  29. expectations can cause lots of heartaches

  30. wealth can be achieved by mindful spending

  31. no pain, no gain

  32. it's ok not to like everyone, but wrong to hate anyone

  33. God is good, all the time!!!!